Backlinking by the Books: Why You Should Use Backlinks to Get Your Events Found

Posted: October 8, 2020


Backlinking by the Books: Why You Should Use Backlinks to Get Your Events Found


When it comes to climbing in the search engine rankings, backlinks always make it in the top 5 ways to improve your SEO score. That’s because it’s one of the best ways for search engines like Google and Bing to judge your website’s popularity, importance, and overall quality of content. In one of our earlier articles, we discussed Seven Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let’s discuss linking in a bit more detail here.

Backlinks are, simply put, the number of links to your website from another. When it comes to backlinking and SEO, it’s all about credibility and legitimacy. Let’s say you are applying for an IT position at a new company and they are asking for your references. Which person would you put at the top of the list to give them, a relative, or the CIO of a successful, well-known company? The same goes for backlinks, search engines like Google and Bing are judging the quality and track record of all the sites that link to yours.

When it comes to backlinking, quality over quantity….ALWAYS! Never pay a company to backlink to your site, search engines flag these well-known scammers and it’s one of the quickest ways to lower your site in the rankings. So, how can you go about getting quality sites to link to you?

  1. Content – write some amazing, valuable, or interesting content that people want to share!
  2. Reach out to your best customers – is there any benefit for them to link to your site? If not, write some valuable content with them in mind and make sure they see it!
  3. Infographics – tables, pictures, make it easy & make it fun!
  4. Testimonials – Many testimonial pages link back to the company website of the person giving the testimonial. Also, make sure customers are able to leave testimonials on your business pages, this includes search engine pages, social media pages, and on your website. Do you have a Google My Business account? Sign up here:
  5. Events – promote your events on ticketing and free promotion sites and make sure you have all of the event information on your website. Draw traffic to your website by promoting great events that will be shared on social sites and pulled by search engines for people looking for things to do.

Whether you want more traffic to your site or want to highlight your event pages, backlinks play an important part in getting found and shared across the web.

Posting your events to LocalHop?


SEO has long been an important part of LocalHop’s strategy to get your events found. The credibility of a website helps search engines determine which sites end up on the top SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). The way search engines judge the credibility and integrity of websites have drastically changed in the past few years. Bots are even able to crawl and understand social media page and directory reviews. Help us expand your event reach even further by helping LocalHop climb in the search rankings.

So, how can you help us get to page one? Backlinks and reviews.

Backlinks – LocalHop provides social media icons to admins that would like to link to their LocalHop branded page. These icons can be found in the media/press kit (

Our press kit also contains a code snippet for a partnership badge that does all the work for you, simply plug the HTML code snippet into your website’s homepage and it will display the LocalHop logo on your site containing a clickable link to our site.

Reviews – Backlinks go a long way in validating a site’s credibility, but these days search engine bots are also looking for real reviews from people like you, the customers. The bots can tell a good review from a bad one, and even try to validate if the reviewer has done reviews in the past for other companies, checking the credibility of the reviewer.

We always appreciate your honest feedback, good or bad. Please let us (and the bots) know what you think of LocalHop by leaving a short review when you have some time.

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