Custom Websites

LocalHop’s custom website service provides a modern website solution that is both stylish and secure.  Design templates, creative brainstorming, hosting, data migration, and support are all included. 

Our custom website service enables you to focus on your patrons and the services that they enjoy.

LocalHop is a leader in providing event and room management services to community organizations. Take that to another level with our custom website services. Our easy to use, configurable websites natively integrate with the LocalHop suite of products to create an unparalleled user experience. 

ADA Compliance
508/ADA Compliant

Create an accessible website that is 508 compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Modern UI UX Design
Modern UI/UX Design

Improve design and overall user experience for visitors of your website.

Customized CMS
Customized CMS

Customized content management solution based on the needs of your library and staff.

Multilingual Website Content
Multilingual Content

Meet the linguistic needs of library patrons with a built-in translator tool.

Custom Websites features

Full Website Start to Finish

Integrated Content Management (CMS)

Administrator dashboard

LocalHop platform Integration

Web Hosting

Expert ongoing support

Modern UI/UX


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