The Importance of Public Libraries in the 21st Century

Posted: October 8, 2020


The Importance of Public Libraries in the 21st Century


Public libraries in the 21st century are as important and relevant as they were in any other period of time. Public libraries have seamlessly adapted to support the format of information’s revolution from print to digital. The three “A”s, Accessibility, Accuracy, and Atmosphere, are proof that public libraries have withstood the test of time and remain useful for obtaining information.


The internet has changed the manner by which people gather information, but not everyone has a personal computer. At the public library, people can utilize the latest technology even if they cannot afford a computer. They can have access to free internet and computer usage. Public libraries have online databases that help visitors search for information more efficiently. Many public library databases can be accessed from anywhere. People can search for and reserve books right from the comfort of their own home. Public libraries offer online versions of many books, and now include audio books and movies as part of their online collections. if someone does not have time to visit the library in person, they can utilize the library’s resource from home.



We turn to books and websites when we seek answers or want to learn. The internet offers quick access to millions of websites full of information, but not all sources found online are accurate or useful. Books in public libraries are a guaranteed way to get accurate information because they are edited and published under stricter guidelines than websites. It is easier to browse the shelves of a library with published authors rather than sift through thousands of links on Google and guess whether the creator is reputable or reliable.



Public libraries offer a space that anyone can use. The majority of public libraries have designated quiet areas and study rooms, which can be perfect for a student studying for finals, or a person enthralled in a good book. Public libraries also have more social areas where people can collaborate on projects or chat in a calming environment. They provide a safe environment for children to hang out before or after school. Many public libraries have programs that include special group readings for children and guest speakers for book clubs, and fans. Some libraries even have cafes and snack areas.


Public libraries are more than just buildings full of books. They have become a center to support new technologies and to bring people together. It is imperative that we keep and support public libraries in every community. Want to know some of the other great things libraries have to offer patrons? Check out our blog, “10 Free Tools and Services That You Never Knew You Could Find at Your Local Library.”