Upcoming Feature Releases

User Lookup

In Development

 Introducing an advanced administrator feature allowing seamless patron lookup. Auto-fill registration data fields effortlessly, streamlining the registration process for administrators.

Event Widgets by Age/Category

In Development

Experience personalized event promotion with saved widget snippets tailored to specific age groups or categories, such as Toddler Events.

Self Unregistration

Upcoming Release

Enable users to effortlessly remove themselves from events and waitlists, ensuring seamless event management.

Open Path Integration

Upcoming Release

Seamlessly integrate with Open Path lock systems, providing secure access control through keypads and digital lock systems.

Attendance Tracking

Upcoming Release

 Empower administrators to efficiently check-in guests, enabling meticulous attendance tracking within the administrator system.

Approval Workflows

Upcoming Release

 Introduce event creation workflows with approval steps, catering to organizations that require staff validation before event creation.

Email Subscriptions

Upcoming Release

 Tailor outbound emails to patrons interested in specific event types, based on categories or age groups, enhancing personalized communication.

Text Notifications

Upcoming Release

Expand communication strategies with text notification options, offering convenient updates and reminders to event attendees.

Multiple Registration Types

Upcoming Release

Enhance event creation by accommodating unique data for different instances in a series, supporting distinct guest lists for varied dates

Cancel Events

Upcoming Release

Simplify event removal from the calendar with enhanced messaging and streamlined workflows, ensuring efficient event cancellation processes.

And More!

Always Upcoming Releases

Stay tuned for these exciting additions, designed to elevate your event management experience with LocalHop!

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