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Here’s a few answers to our most common questions

  • This is one of our most common questions. Think of a “Hopspot” as an area of interest, for which you want to see interesting local events. You can then add communities or cities to the Hopspot.

    For example, I live in Birmingham but am interested in what is going on nearby. I could create a “Home” Hopspot, then add  Birmingham and the neighboring communities of Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, and Troy to the Hopspot. Once I save the Hopspot, I will see events taking place in these cities all within the same single page view for my Hopspot titled “Home.”

    We encourage you to create multiple Hopspots based on the areas you are interested in.  For example, I have configured my setup to have a Hopspot for Home (based on the above example), Rochester (including Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Twp.), and Detroit. I can swipe between each Hopspot (like you do with the weather locations on your phone) and view events specifically located in cities within those Hopspots.

  • You sure can! Once you are logged into the website click on the “Events” tab. You will see a list of all your upcoming events. To minimize confusion and clutter, the event list defaults to show only upcoming events, past events drop off but remain in the system. To find a past event, search for it by name in the search box or use the drop-down filter tab to search for the event by date. Select the “Duplicate” button, either from the event summary list or event detail page. From here it’s as easy as editing the date and time and saving it as a new event.

  • supported versions for Android – 4.4.x and higher, but we recommend 5.x and higher

    supported versions for iOS – 8.2 and higher

  • The “login” button is for organization admins only. Currently, you can only access your Hopspots and followed organizations through the mobile app (although a web version will be coming soon).

    The “Organizations” tab, however, lets you view any organization’s page and see their upcoming events. Stay tuned for more web features!

  • Download the mobile app and enter your information or login through Facebook.

    If you want to get your organization set up, contact us here to get started.

  • When you favorite an event it saves it to your LocalHop account so you can easily find it later. Click the heart icon in the top right corner of the screen to filter the page to show only your favorite events.

  • You have to go into your phone’s default calendar app to delete the event.

  • Each event is tagged with categories. By default, events of all categories will show in the app. If you go to the category menu, you can narrow down which types of events you want to show in the app.

    For example, if I only turn on the “Free” category, I will only see events that are tagged as being free. Making use of this feature is a great way to customize the app to show you the events you care about.

  • Forgetting your password is not a problem, just follow these easy steps below to quickly reset it…

    On the homepage of the LocalHop webite, select the “Login” button in the top right corner.

    Select the Forgot your password? link.

    Type in your email and select Reset Password.

    You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Click on the link, type in a new password and select Change Password.

    You can now log in with your new password.

  • Log into your LocalHop account. Access to your calendar code snippet will be available in the admin portal under the organizations tab. If you have purchased a single calendar for your organization, scroll down to the section titled, “Embed Calendar Snippets.” Select the “Get Snippet” button and copy and paste the code where you would like it on your website.

    Calendar Snippet

    If you have purchased a community calendar, select the “Edit” button under the Embed Calendar Snippets section. Search for the organizations you want to show up on your events calendar and hit “Save.” Then select the “Get Snippet” button to get your calendar code for your website.

    Have questions on how or where to place the codes on your website or how to embrace your own styles? Give us a call and let us help. 248.952.9800.

  • 670 pixels is the minimum width to display as a full calendar. If the section provided (such as a column or other container) is less than 670 pixels, the calendar will automatically display as a calendar list view.

  • LocalHop event locations are verified through Google to help provide users with directions to the events using Google Maps. Our recommendation for fixing this is to open Google Maps on your computer ( and select the location on the map where your event will be held. Google will provide you with an address range based on the selected location. Select an address number and road and you can use it to populate the address section for the event you are loading into LocalHop.

  • Yes! LocalHop has a bulk upload template that allows all of your events to be created from a single excel spreadsheet. You can download the template below, once complete send to and we will upload the list for you. Images cannot be included in the bulk upload, once your events are entered into the LocalHop database you will be able to log in to your LocalHop account and add images to the events. If you have questions, please email us at

    Bulk Upload Template

  • The duplicate event functionality is used to retain and copy the general information of the event (name, description, image, location, etc.), but does not duplicate the dates and times of the event or the registration information. The recurring event functionality is used to create several instances of the same event (also called a series). These instances can span hours, days, or weeks and will have the same guest list for each instance in the event series. If registration is used, each duplicated event will retain its own guest list. When a guest signs up, they are signing up for all instances in the series.

  • When creating LocalHop ticketing, the Overflow Quantity is used to allow a group that exceeds the remaining available tickets to be bumped from the waitlist to the event guest list.

    Waitlist must be enabled and an overflow quantity must be given to activate this feature. The set overflow quantity is the total amount of guests that will be allowed to go over the maximum amount of guest tickets. After joining the waitlist, the overflow will take roughly 5 minutes to trigger the move from the waitlist to the guest list, followed by a notification on the sign-up page that tickets are no longer available.

    Example: Your event allows for 30 attendees/tickets. 29 tickets have been sold. You have set your overflow quantity at 2 and have enabled a waitlist for the event. A family of three have signed up for the waitlist after being notified that only one ticket is available for the event. Within 5 minutes the overflow feature will trigger and automatically move the family of three onto the guest list, bringing the total number of attendees to 32 for the event. Since your overflow claimed the last ticket, tickets for the event would then display as sold out.

  • Mini calendars will only display if there are events loaded into the production database in your LocalHop account. In the event that there are no upcoming events to display a default message will show for your patrons, “no upcoming events.”

  • Plone uses an alternate snippet for LocalHop My Calendars and Community Calendars. Follow these instructions to have your calendar up and running in minutes.

    Replace your current calendar snippet with the code in the link below (Specifically, remove <div id=”localhop-calendar-embed”></div> and 2 <script> tag that follow it and replace that with what is in the text link below):




  • Unfortunately, the LocalHop team is not able to load events for organization administrators. Team members will assist administrators through the process of loading events, provide needed support documentation, or load bulk-templates once completed. This is to prevent the accidental spread of misinformation about your event’s time, location, and other important details. In the event that event information changes, it is important that administrators are able to edit their information in LocalHop.