Cutover with Ease: How to Easily Switch Your Events over to Your New Localhop Database Without the Headache

Posted: October 8, 2020


Cutover with Ease: How to Easily Switch Your Events over to Your New Localhop Database Without the Headache


You know your organization needs a change, but the thought of switching to a new system seems impossible. This is a major concern of many of the organizations we speak to. Here are a few suggestions to help make the switch to LocalHop quick and painless. 

Bulk Upload

The LocalHop bulk upload template allows you to pull your event information from your current event management system and load it into our spreadsheet template. Once the template is filled out, just email it to us. We can load all of your events into the system all at once!
Pros: Gets all of your events into the database in minutes.
Cons: The bulk-upload cannot pull in event images or carry over ticketing from your current system. You will have to go into your loaded events and add the ticketing/registration and images.

Plan Ahead

Set a date that your organization will officially cutover to LocalHop. Slowly begin adding all of your events on and after that date before dropping your old system.
Pros: It does not cost your organization anything to load these events weeks or months ahead of time and allows extra time for users to discover and sign up for these events.
Cons: This is a slower cutover strategy, if your current contract end date is close this may not be the best route for cutting over.

Divide and Conquer

Split up the responsibilities among staff and volunteers by week, month, types of events, or by department. Set a calendar task list and get it done together.
Pros: Everyone shares responsibility and it encourages everyone to be cross-trained on posting events.
Cons: Maintaining consistency in posting may be difficult, only recruit people who you know will be responsible. Think about assigning one staff member to review the event entries for anything that may have been missed.

Still Have Questions?

We strive to offer superior service and the best products possible to make your job easier!

Call Us – If you are close, we are happy to stop in to train staff and answer questions. A little too far away? We are happy to set up a virtual training session for your staff or multiple branches with our sales team.

Guides – Our PDF guides provide step-by-step instructions for each LocalHop service. Whether you are new to LocalHop or just need a refresher, many customers have discovered the guides are all they need to get new staff or volunteers trained.

Switching companies is scary, but it does not have to be hard. Our job is to make your switch easier, so if you ever need a helping hand or suggestions give us a call. Our new LocalHop admin dashboard makes navigation a breeze and event setup quick and easy. We look forward to chatting with you!