About Us

Locally based in Pontiac, Michigan, LocalHop currently serves organizations and businesses throughout the United States. It all started with three friends who needed a better way to find local events. Tired of bouncing between websites and social media pages, they decided to do something about it. The LocalHop events app launched in 2015, providing organizations and users with a free tool to both find and promote local events. That’s where they thought the story would end.

In 2016, at the request of several Michigan organizations, development began on several other event management tools. The first being a website events calendar and the second, a registration system. What began as a fun project to help people find events happening in their area, turned into an opportunity to help the organizations themselves, design and develop services to promote their events to their communities. Products and services that better fit their budgets and workforce restraints than what they were currently using.

So, what exactly is LocalHop? LocalHop is an event management platform that connects communities with local organizations and the events they host. LocalHop offers organizations and businesses the marketing tools needed to reach more members of their communities with our easy-to-use and modern looking features including a mobile app, website, calendars, and registration. Users can discover these events, camps, and classes through the same tools – free of charge. LocalHop users are able to save events to their native calendar, share with family and friends, and buy tickets for that event all in one place.

LocalHop is the events platform you have been waiting for!

Mission Statement

LocalHop is dedicated to providing local organizations and businesses the products and services to promote and manage their events and activities to effectively reach and acquire new patrons within their communities. We intend to make enough profit to generate new services and updated features to our family of organizations as well as providing a rewarding work environment to our employees. Our goal is to provide the best products available at an affordable cost to organizations of all sizes, regardless of financial or personnel restraints.

Our Team

Robert Bales


Bob is in charge of business development and marketing for LocalHop. He has lived in Ferndale MI for over 10 years. Bob loves Mexican food and tequila, but is very afraid of spiders.

Matt Russell


Matt keeps everybody on track and runs around waving his arms a lot, freaking out about whatever is going on. He has lived in Birmingham MI for over 12 years. He loves the outdoors, old buildings, good beer, and arguing about “what makes for good music”.

Jason Myers


Jason manages our data analytics and also makes sure we have enough money to keep the show running. He has lived in Rochester Hills for 5 years. He likes huge spreadsheets and eating candy.

Kirk Russell

VP of Business Development

Kirk lives in Kalamazoo MI and always is telling them how much better it is. His job duties include watching Dora the Explorer cartoons, knitting, and practicing his jazz hands. He loves Kalamazoo and the great beer that city has to offer.

Rachel Sussbauer

Marketing Director

Rachel lives in Lake Orion with her husband and daughter. She makes sure things look professional and does her best to make sure the guys in the office are not eating week old pizza for lunch. Rachel loves German food, horror movies, traveling, and watching Impractical Jokers.

Courtney Tyll

Operations Manager

Courtney expertly handles the operational details of the LocalHop Mothership. She lives in New Baltimore, but you can’t even tell by her accent. Courtney plays hockey and likes macaroni and cheese.