The Importance of Loading Your Own Events

Posted: October 8, 2020


The Importance of Loading Your Own Events

While LocalHop aims to provide the best customer service in the industry, there is one big thing we prefer to leave in the hands of the organizer. Often times we get asked the question, “Can you just do it for me?” referring to adding or editing an event. The short answer is “No.” But that is because our software was built for you. So, you can continuously add, manage, and promote all your events in one easy to use platform. The more in-depth answer is in these 5 reasons why you really want to be loading your own events.

  1. Event Knowledge and Control
    It is inefficient to play the telephone game especially if things don’t always come out the way they were initially started.  If you load your own event, you are able to make timely changes, about the event’s information, location, and even cancel the event.  No one knows your event better than you. Why would you put someone else in control?
  2. Branding
    You, as the organizer, know the branding of your business or organization. Your logo, your colors, your images.  Making the event your own! Branding the event as your own is so important because you want your guests to gain that sense of familiarity with you or your organization and associate your events with that brand.  If you want to learn more on the importance of quality branding check out FreshSparks Article.

  3. Communicating with Guests
    Who knows what information you need more than you?  Through LocalHop, you will always collect an email and phone number from a registrant that you can use to reach out to guests.  But you also can create custom forms to collect specific information about your guests and their needs. Maybe you want to know their age range or what size t-shirt they wear. Or maybe you just want to know how they heard about your event.  With custom forms, you control all the information you gather and how to use it before, during, and after your event.
  4. Sharing
    You want to be able to share your events to your social media and email.  Do this easily from the “Create an Event” page on your LocalHop dashboard.  You also have a direct link to your event page through your admin portal.  You have a LocalHop account with access to all of that.
  5. The Value of LocalHop
    The LocalHop platform is built to be more than just another place to post your events.  LocalHop was built as an ecosystem. We have web calendars and community calendars (that can be embedded into multiple sites), a mobile app, and our own website.  Every event that is posted will enter the LocalHop mobile app and website.  But if your organization has a calendar or is part of a community calendar, your event will also appear on those.  This means two things; (1) more exposure for your event to different demographics you might not typically reach, (2) changes can easily be made in one spot and updated across the ecosystem.

LocalHop always wants to make sure you stay in complete control of your event. Of course, we are happy to walk you through it the first time, but it starts with loading your events and being able to make changes, cancel, or replicate an event at any time of day and from anywhere. The telephone game is a thing of the past!