Create Reservation (Administrators)


The create reservation guide will walk you through the following:

  • Adding a room reservation for a patron or booking a room internally
  • Add your set-up and break-down times if needed
  • Select the best layout for the booked space
  • Collect the contact information for the person booking the space
  • Collect payment for the reserved space if needed

Start by selecting the “Create Reservation” tab under the “Room Reservations” drop-down in the left navigation menu.


Use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly filter rooms by requirements, such as date, start time, end time, and group size.

Also, filter by room and equipment using the button drop downs below the search bar.

To search availability of a particular room, scroll down to the room and select the starting time of the event from the available times. Once the start time has been selected the available end times will appear below. Once both times have been selected (selected times will appear in dark blue) then select the green “Select” button on the page.


In the reservation options pop-up your event date, start time, and end time will already be prepopulated. If you need to change any of this information, you can do so here. If the room booking is for an internal meeting or for employees, select the “Mark As Internal Reservation” box. Selecting the internal reservation box will wipe out any charges for the room.



Choose the layout that best fits your reservation needs and based on your room’s capacity.

LocalHop room reservation allows your staff to assign set-up and break-down times for booked rooms. These times are in 15-minute increments up to 1 hour. If no set-up or break-down time is needed, just select “NONE.”

Note: Set-up and break-down times are added onto the reservation times. if those times outside of the reservation time conflict with other reservations or availability of the room then you will get a notification/warning stating that.

Add the expected number of guests. Select the green “Continue” button.


See the stationary equipment that included with the room booking and add additional (and/if available) portable equipment that can be added on to the reservation. Select a green “Continue” button.


Review the reservation details to make sure they are all correct. Fill out the requested contact information of the person/patron booking the room or the employee’s information if an internal reservation.

For special groups or circumstances, LocalHop room reservation allows for applying price discounts by adding a percentage off or manually changing the price.

Once the information is complete, select the green “Reserve” button


Rooms with no charge or marked as internal are finished with the reservation process. Rooms that require a fee are given the option to pay by credit card or pay later by cash, credit card, or check (your organization decides what method of payments can be accepted).

The contact listed for the room will receive a notification with the room booking details.

Your organization’s room reservation calendar will show the payment status of the room. Orange for unpaid reservations and blue for paid reservations.