Age Groups and Color-coding


This LocalHop age groups guide will walk you through the following:

  • The default age groups in the dashboard
  • Terms that appear when using this feature, including active, inactive, and delete
  • Creating custom groups for your organization
  • Editing your custom age groups on your My Calendar
  • Community Calendar restrictions

Note: Age Groups are only accessible to users listed as Super Admins in the LocalHop dashboard. Please talk to your organization’s Super Administrators if you need access to this functionality.

Begin by selecting the “Age Groups” tab under the “Organization” dropdown in the left side navigation.

Color coding your age groups for programming allows patrons to quickly filter through age-appropriate events for their group. With LocalHop, you can easily customize your colors to match your website calendar.

Begin by clicking on the “Organization” dropdown in the left side navigation and select the “Age Groups” tab.


There are 5 pre-loaded default age groups that are color-coded. INFANT/TODDLER
is in red; YOUTH is in orange; TEEN is in green; ADULT is in blue, and SENIOR is in purple. You CANNOT change the color of default age groups.


Custom color-coding can be created when you create custom age groups. Select the orange “Add Age Group” in the upper right side of the page.

Once you have named your custom age group, click on the “COLOR” box. From here, you can select a color by using the color pallet that will appear in the bottom left side of the pop-up box

Custom color-coded age groups will ONLY appear on your My Calendar dropdown menu on your website. For Community Calendars, the default color-coded age groups will display. When creating your custom color-coded age group, you must select one or more of the default color-coded age groups to appear in-place of your custom color-coded age group.

When you are satisfied with your custom color-coded age group, save your changes by selecting the “Save Age Group” button.


Once your custom color-coded age group is created, it will appear in the “Active Age Group” box alongside the 5 default color-coded age groups. Age Groups in this box can be used for active events.

If you no longer wish to use a color-coded group, you can switch it to the “Inactive Age Group” using the arrow keys between the two boxes.

Color-coded age groups in the “Inactive Age Groups” box will not show up as an option when creating future events but will still show up on calendars for active events already created.

You can delete custom color-coded groups in this box as long as the age group is not being used for an active event. You CANNOT delete the 5 default color-coded age groups.


You can change the color of your custom age groups by selecting an age group from the “Age Groups” dropdown located at the top of the page. Once you have selected the desired age group, click the green “Edit” button.


If you do not want to display colors, you have the option to disable it so that the colors will not show up on your calendars. Click on the “Calendar Snippets” tab on the left side navigation. Press the green “edit” button on the calendar that you wish to turn off the color-coding.

An “Edit My Calendar” pop-up box will appear. Click the box next to “Hide Colors” under “Age Groups” so that a red checkmark appears.

Press the green “Save” button to save your changes and color-coding will no longer show up on your calendar.