Age Groups

Posted: October 13, 2020


This LocalHop age groups guide will walk you through the following:


  • The default age groups in the dashboard
  • Terms that appear when using this feature, including active, inactive, and delete
  • Creating custom groups for your organization
  • Editing your custom age groups on your My Calendar
  • Community Calendar restrictions

Note: Age Groups are only accessible to users listed as Super Admins in the LocalHop dashboard. Please talk to your organization’s Super Administrators if you need access to this functionality.

Begin by selecting the “Age Groups” tab under the “Organization” dropdown in the left side navigation.


There are 5 default age groups that are always pre-loaded into your settings. These are INFANT/TODDLER, YOUTH, TEEN, ADULT, and SENIOR. You will find them listed in the “Active Age Groups” box on the page.

Active Age Groups

From here, you are able to re-arrange the active groups (one at a time) to appear in the order that you would lik

e them to show up on your organization’s My Calendar-Age Groups dropdown on your website. Change the order using the up and down arrows to the right of the box. If you would like one or all of these to not appear on your My Calendar, use the left and right arrows to move the groups to the “Inactive Age Groups” box to the right.

A few terms to keep in mind…


Active groups are those that are currently being used on your

organization’s My Calendar dropdown menu. Any active age groups can be moved to inactive at any time.


Once a group has been marked as inactive, it will not allow an admin to use that tag for an event they are creating. Groups can still be moved to inactive, even if you have other events already loaded with that tag, it will just not appear as an option for future events you create.


You are only able to delete new (age) groups that are created by your organization, and ONLY when there are no active events using those (age) group tags. The 5 LocalHop default age groups can NEVER be deleted.


Begin by selecting the orange “Add Age Group” button at the top right of the page.

Add Age Groups

Start by naming your age group. This is the name that will appear on your My Calendar dropdown menu on your website.


Community calendars will ONLY display default LocalHop Age Groups in the dropdown menu. This is to prevent clutter and confusion for patrons that may be looking for events that cross- industries. For example, if a community calendar is displaying 10 organizations and each organization is creating their own groups, that list might be very long and have many duplicate groups listed.

For this section, whatever custom age group name you select you MUST tie it directly to one or more of the LocalHop default Age Groups. This will then be the Age Group that your events show up under when appearing on a Community Calendar.

Remember: Your custom group can be associated with one or up to all of the LocalHop default groups.

Save your changes by selecting the green “Save Age Group” button. EDITING CUSTOM AGE GROUPS


Once your organization has created custom groups, you can edit them at any time by selecting the group you would like to edit in the dropdown menu and selecting the green “Edit” button.

Edit Age Groups