Is a Community Calendar Right for My Organization?

Posted: October 8, 2020


Is a Community Calendar Right for My Organization?

Do you have to advertise your events with multiple organizations across multiple sites? On average, how many websites do you post your events to? Tired of posting to all of them? A community calendar can save your organization time, increase traffic to your website, and make your life a whole lot easier. Think of a community calendar as a shared calendar between groups. It aggregates the various organizations’ events in one calendar. Each group has their own events that are open to the public, but sharing these events in one place is an easy, convenient, and effective marketing tool.

How It Works

  1. Choose the organizations that you want to appear in your community calendar
  2. Copy a few lines of software code into your website’s events page to create the calendar
  3. Load your organization’s events into the LocalHop database
  4. The events automatically appear on your website!

It’s as easy as that, load once and done!  The real value comes from having your community websites using the community calendar.  Rather than loading to each website, we can eliminate the redundant work.  If each community site uses the community calendar, you can load your events once and have them appear on each website.  Every website that uses the community calendar is one less that you must load to!

There are many benefits to having a community calendar on your website. Sharing events from multiple organizations in one location, easy to embed on your website, each group manages their own information, and easy filtering for patrons to sort by organization/group and event type. By cross promoting events, you can provide patrons with all the community events you wish to share in one location, improve your websites SEO by providing additional, rich content, and attract new patrons through collaborative efforts.

Additionally, the calendar allows end users (your patrons) to share events on social media, via email or text, or add the event to their personal calendar.

How do you know if your organization should and could benefit from having a community calendar?

  1. Are you a chain, branch, or manage similar establishments? (e.g. restaurants, libraries, banks)
  2. Do you promote or represent the interests of the whole community? (e.g. municipalities, city governments, chambers of commerce)
  3. Do you work with other businesses or groups to promote mutual interests or passions?
    (book clubs, art centers, theatres, churches)

Think you might be right for a community calendar? Contact us today for a demo of LocalHop Community Calendars and additional information on how we can help your organization reach more of the communities you care about.