6 Requirements to Look For When Deciding on a Registration System

Posted: October 8, 2020


Six Requirements to Look For When Deciding on a Registration System


Choosing the best registration system for your organization is a tough task. There are many options, each with different attributes. We have used several of these systems over the past few years ourselves, and have spoken to organizations that have used and tested many others on the market. We have compiled a list of a few, key requirements that are important regardless of your organization or businesses size and the types of events you host. This list is in no particular order. (Keep in mind that there may be unique registration needs for your organization or business that may not fall on this list, but here are our top 6, basic requirements when beginning your research into registration systems.)

Mobile Ready

If there is one item that is an absolute must on our list, this is it! It is all about convenience for your guests, and whether they are eight or eighty, chances are really good these days that they have a smart phone. Make it easy for them to register on the spot, don’t count on them calling you to register or going home to do it later. Ease-of-use and convenience of the registration system will be sure to increase attendance at your events.

Custom Fields/Form Builders

Form builders allow you to add custom fields to ask questions and gain valuable information needed from your attendees. Each event you host may require information that is needed to give your patrons a better experience. What are the ages of the attendees, dietary restrictions, is this their first time attending one of your events? Custom fields provide the flexibility of asking for and acquiring the information needed for your organization to host a successful event


Congratulations, your event has sold out! But, what if a guest cancels? How do you make sure all of your spots stay filled? What if you have room for a few more? Any basic registration system you choose should have the ability to add attendee overflow to a waitlist and notify patrons if and when a spot becomes available. Let your registration system handle the waitlist so you can focus on throwing a great event.


Reminder emails and texts are key in making sure those who registered for your event also show up for it. Your registration system should send out reminder emails after a patron registers and a day or two before the event takes place. Include any last-minute instructions or changes in the activity schedule. In the event of a cancellation or time change, your registration system can quickly notify all attendees on the guest list by email or text message.


Categories and filters help your patrons quickly distinguish if your event is right for them, before they get too far into the registration process. Is the event outdoors, kid friendly, pet friendly, providing food? A good registration system will have category filters to help patrons decide if your event fits all of their needs.


It’s easy to get caught up in looking for a registration system that will make your work much easier as a marketer or event planner, but what if you were the guest? Is the registration process seamless, intuitive, and just plain painless? Make sure you think about your future registration system flow from your patrons’ perspective, get a demonstration and test the product. The last thing you want are guests bypassing your new system altogether, calling your business, showing up the day of the event, or worse yet, not even bother to come at all.


By checking off each item on the list above while you research products, you will be sure to find a system that will increase event attendance, collect valuable information from your guests, save you time, and reduce manual data management. While most of our list targets your needs as an organization or business do not forget about your guests. Remember, a registration system is not just to help you keep your event organized, it must also be a painless, easy process for your patrons.