What is “Overflow Qty” and How Does it Work?


When creating LocalHop ticketing, the Overflow Qty (quantity) is used to allow a group that exceeds the remaining available tickets to be bumped from the waitlist to the event guest list.

Waitlist must be enabled and an overflow quantity must be given to activate this feature. The set overflow qty is the total amount of guests that will be allowed to go over the maximum amount of guest tickets. After joining the waitlist, the overflow will take roughly 5 minutes to trigger the move from the waitlist to the guest list, followed by a notification on the sign-up page that tickets are no longer available.

Example: Your event allows for 30 attendees/tickets. 29 tickets have been sold. You have set your overflow qty at 2 and have enabled a waitlist for the event. A family of three have signed up for the waitlist after being notified that only one ticket is available for the event. Within 5 minutes the overflow feature will trigger and automatically move the family of three onto the guest list, bringing the total number of attendees to 32 for the event. Since your overflow claimed the last ticket, tickets for the event would then display as sold out.