Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.

Sidney Sheldon (1917 2007. American writer and producer)

The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955. Theoretical physicist)

Boston Public Library Main Study Hall

National Library Lovers Month

February is home to National Library Lovers’ Month, a celebration dedicated to people who love organizations entirely devoted to reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying, and loving books. This month (and all other months of the year), we recognize the importance of libraries, and continue to work diligently to preserve the nation’s knowledge bases and the functions they serve.

While books and information are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of libraries, they serve a variety of functions outside of just being a gatekeeper for knowledge. They are a place for communities to gather. They are a place of acceptance. They are a place of wonder. They are irreplaceable. 

Libraries provide so much more than a place for patrons and community-goers to enjoy great novels or to discover amazing adventures and untold history. They help students ace their research papers and provide a quiet space to study. But they do so much more: 

  • Libraries provide educational entertainment for preschoolers. They offer theater, activities, music, art, and friendship.
  • Assist students with academic papers and provide quiet spaces to study.
  • Many communities rely on their libraries for meeting space for public forums, socials, fundraisers, and classes.
  • They provide resources for researching family and community heritage.
  • Libraries lend other media like movies and music.
  • They offer digital resources for the entire community to use.
  • Libraries also provide rotating art displays to give local artists exposure to the community. Larger libraries provide preservation services, preserving some of the most treasured books, periodicals, and documents for future generations.

We Love Our Libraries

Our entire LocalHop team is not only dedicated to preserving libraries, but to keeping them relevant and accessible as technology and software develops. What initially began as a fun project to help people find events within their community, turned into a wonderful opportunity to grow the connectivity between libraries and their patrons. 

We love the libraries we serve, and in honor of National Library Lovers Month, we have put together an exclusive Q & A series that gives you the inside scoop on our team, and how we really feel about libraries. First up is our Marketing Director, Rachel!

Exterior of Rochester Hills Public Library

Q & A With LocalHop's Marketing Director, Rachel Sussbauer

Q: Did you have a go-to library when you were growing up, attending college, or a library that is established in your community that you have fond memories of?

A: My local library growing up in Rochester, Michigan, was the Rochester Hills Public Library. I was very much an introvert in high school and spent many evenings and weekends there studying. While Oakland University’s Kresge Library was great, it was often busy, so I would usually end up going to RHPL anyway for the peace and quiet, materials, and available tables I was looking for to study.

Q: What were your favorite aspects/favorite memories about that library?

A: The views! The second floor overlooks beautiful scenery with a creek and wooded area. It was also a short walking distance to downtown Rochester, so it was easy to take a break from studying to eat and come right back.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Stephen King.

Q: What is your favorite book series and why?

A: Bridget Jones— I fell in love with the characters. I’m still looking for my Mark Darcy!

Q: You’ve decided to spend some time reading and are currently browsing for a title that intrigues you. Do you pick up a hardcover, paperback, or, do you prefer to download your book selection on an e-reader or listen to an audiobook?

A: I would prefer a hardcover book that I can carry in my purse; something that I can write in or scribble down some notes.

Q: You’re in the library to study/hangout/complete some work. Do you hit the stacks, reserve a study room, find a comfy couch to lounge on, or hit the cafe to grab a drink and snack first?

A: I grab a tea first and find the closest available table to a window. I don’t like to feel boxed in with a conference or study room setup. Once I’m settled, I’ll find and pull all of my books at once so I don’t have to keep getting up.

Image of Rochester Hills Public Library Interior
Photo of Rachel Sussbauer, the interviewee
Why are libraries so important to communities?

Libraries serve the needs of almost everyone in the community in one way or another. I go there to study, to attend events with my daughter, and sometimes to use the computers or find how-to books to learn a new hobby. It’s also been a safe, reflective space many times in my life… when my power was out at my house and I needed to stay warm, when I had a fight with my spouse and just needed time to be alone, or when I just wanted somewhere quiet to go when I didn’t have money to spend, the library is the first place I would go. I can’t think of any other organization or location that can provide that kind of security or offer so much to anyone free of charge in the community.

Rachel Sussbauer, Marketing Director LocalHop Software

arial view of Melk Abbey in Austria

Thinking On A Global Scale...

Q: What is the coolest library you’ve ever been to or heard of? Why?

A: I went to a monastery in Melk, Austria, many years ago. It had a beautiful library with walls filled with medieval manuscripts and books that were hundreds of years old. I distinctly remember the smell and just being in awe of all the history, the monks, and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere. 

Q: When thinking about the importance of libraries and the purposes they serve, why are you passionate about LocalHop, its mission, and the services it offers to libraries everywhere? Why do you think libraries need services such as LocalHop or similar companies?

A: I guess for me, I just know how much public libraries mean to myself, LocalHop’s co-founders, and my co-workers. We have all sat down and had one-on-one meetings with not only staff of small libraries, but large library systems as well. LocalHop strives to build tools that we know will help libraries thrive and grow within their communities. I think that libraries need newer software, updated websites, and automated services for their patrons. Not just because of COVID-19, but because everything is becoming digital and self-service. I think what LocalHop offers libraries is a growing set of affordable tools that can help them expand their services, save their staff time, and build lasting partnerships with other organizations within their community. We are a company that genuinely cares about the needs of public libraries, and we want to help however we can.


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