“Libraries are so important to communities because they provide so many resources for the public to take advantage of. Everything from story times and crafts for the kids, to educational opportunities for adults, the library has something for everyone. Whether you like to read, watch movies, or even play video games, you can likely rent equipment or books from the library to give yourself or your family the opportunity you otherwise may not be able to afford. Libraries are a place to gather with friends and community members, but they are also a place you can escape to for some quiet alone time. And, ninety percent of the time, the library offers these things to the community for free.”

Courtney Bordeaux

Director of Operations, LocalHop Software

National Library Lovers Month

February is home to National Library Lovers’ Month, a celebration dedicated to people who love organizations entirely devoted to reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying, and loving books. This month (and all other months of the year), we recognize the importance of libraries, and continue to work diligently to preserve the nation’s knowledge bases and the functions they serve.

While books and information are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of libraries, they serve a variety of functions outside of just being a gatekeeper for knowledge. They are a place for communities to gather. They are a place of acceptance. They are a place of wonder. They are irreplaceable. 

Libraries provide so much more than a place for patrons and community-goers to enjoy great novels or to discover amazing adventures and untold history. They help students ace their research papers and provide a quiet space to study. But they do so much more: 

  • Libraries provide educational entertainment for preschoolers. They offer theater, activities, music, art, and friendship.
  • Assist students with academic papers and provide quiet spaces to study.
  • Many communities rely on their libraries for meeting space for public forums, socials, fundraisers, and classes.
  • They provide resources for researching family and community heritage.
  • Libraries lend other media like movies and music.
  • They offer digital resources for the entire community to use.
  • Libraries also provide rotating art displays to give local artists exposure to the community. Larger libraries provide preservation services, preserving some of the most treasured books, periodicals, and documents for future generations.

We Love Our Libraries

Our entire LocalHop team is not only dedicated to preserving libraries, but to keeping them relevant and accessible as technology and software develops. What initially began as a fun project to help people find events within their community, turned into a wonderful opportunity to grow the connectivity between libraries and their patrons.

We love the libraries we serve, and in honor of National Library Lovers Month, we have put together an exclusive Q & A series that gives you the inside scoop on our team, and how we really feel about libraries. This week’s library lover is LocalHop’s Director of Operations, Courtney!

Mount Clemens Public Library

Q & A With LocalHop's Director of Operations, Courtney Bordeaux

QDid you have a go-to library when you were growing up, attending college, or a library that is established in your community that you have fond memories of?

A: Growing up, my mom would take my brother and I to Mt. Clemens Public Library. I remember sitting around the carpet for story times and being excited to find new books and games in the children’s section. As I grew older, I would utilize the library’s computer access to do research assignments or surf the internet.

 QWhat were your favorite aspects/favorite memories about that library?

A: When I got to college, I was always in Shipman Library on the campus of Adrian College. I went there to study, meet for group projects, use the computers, print off assignments, and even view the artwork of other students.

QWho is your favorite author?

A: I’m pretty sure my favorite author changes depending on what book I am really into at the moment, but I think there is a special place in my heart for J.K. Rowling because of the magical world in which she created.

QWhat is your favorite book series and why?

A: Following the last question, I have to say my favorite book series would be Harry Potter. The way the story is told and all the intricate details truly make the story come to life. I am a very visual person, so when I read, the small details really add that extra element for me. And of course, the enticing fantasy of living in a magical world on top of the engaging story of Harry Potter himself is an amazing place to be.

Image of Director of Operations Courtney Bordeaux

LocalHop offers a unique way of tying the library into the community that I haven’t seen with similar products or companies. I am passionate about the LocalHop product because it offers an additional resource to each of the libraries’ patrons; it really drives the sense of community in each city we support while simultaneously providing basic software solutions that the libraries already need. LocalHop also recognizes that each library is different, therefore servicing different patrons across different demographics. This is something that LocalHop had taken into serious consideration through building our products, pricing them out, and supporting each customer base. LocalHop is always thinking about each library we serve and we take pride in the fact that they come first.”

 QYou’ve decided to spend some time reading and are currently browsing for a title that intrigues you. Do you pick up a hardcover, paperback, or, do you prefer to download your book selection on an e-reader or listen to an audiobook?

 A: I am an avid audiobook listener! I spend close to three hours in the car per day, which really hinders my free time to read so audiobooks are the way to go. However, if I am going to grab a physical copy, I much prefer the hardcover.

 QYou’re in the library to study/hangout/complete some work. Do you hit the stacks, reserve a study room, find a comfy couch to lounge on, or hit the cafe to grab a drink and snack first?

A: Most of the time I am either grabbing a study room with friends or seek out a nice comfy chair to lounge in.

Geisel Library in San Diego

 QWhat is the coolest library you’ve ever been to or heard of? Why?

A: I am really intrigued by libraries on the east coast because they are so historic and beautiful, especially some of the law libraries. But the Giesel Library in San Diego would have to be the most intriguing for me. It’s named after Dr. Suess and looks like it could be right out of Whoville, I’d love visit one day!

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