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Frequently Asked Questions

My Mini Calendar Is Not Displaying on My Website

CategoriesMy Mini Calendar Is Not Displaying on My WebsiteA mini calendar will only display if there are events loaded into the production database in your LocalHop account. In the event that there are no upcoming events to display a default message will show for your...

What is a Hopspot?

CategoriesWhat is a Hopspot?   This is one of our most common questions. Think of a “Hopspot” as an area of interest, for which you want to see interesting local events. You can then add communities or cities to the Hopspot. For example, I live in Birmingham but...

What is “Overflow Qty” and How Does it Work?

CategoriesWhat is "Overflow Qty" and How Does it Work?   When creating LocalHop ticketing, the Overflow Qty (quantity) is used to allow a group that exceeds the remaining available tickets to be bumped from the waitlist to the event guest list. Waitlist must be...