How Do I Delete an Event / Event Series?


Deleting an event by accident can create extra headaches and work for you and your staff. LocalHop provides several checks and balances to prevent the accidental deletion of events. If you are looking to delete an event or event series just follow these 4 steps (in order):

1. Unregister Guests – If tickets have been sold, you must first reimburse/unregister each guest that has signed up for the event. Go to Ticket Types on your event setup page, select “View guest list” and select the “Unregister” button for each attendee. Note: these guests will get an email notification that they have been unregistered for the event. If you do not have any guests registered for the event, you can skip this step.

2. Delete Ticket Types – Next, you must delete each of the ticket types that you have created. Under Ticket Types select the “Remove” button for each ticket you have created for the event.

3. Delete Instances – Lastly, delete all of the instances. Under the Date and Time section select “Remove” to delete each instance for that event.

4. Delete Event –  Once the first three steps have been completed, a “Delete” button will then appear below the Location section. Select “Delete” and confirm by selecting “Ok” in the pop-up to confirm deleting the event.