How to Write an Event Description That Will Get You Found

Posted: October 8, 2020


How to Write an Event Description That Will Get You Found


It is important to include a strong, detailed description when you create your event. Strong descriptions contain information that will attract would-be event seekers and new patrons, it also allows people to quickly filter through information to decide if it is the right event for them. Would be attendees will often use Google’s Event Finder, which is able to detect when someone is searching for an event and provides them with the most accurate results based on certain search terms and keywords provided in the event description. To maximize your searchability, consider the following when you construct descriptions for your events:

Title/Event Name

Be clever, extra points for originality. Do a quick online search to see if there are other events with the same name. Make sure yours is unique.


Where should people park? Is parking free? Include a link to directions if you are able.

Date & Time

Or dates and times if your event is part of a series. Mention if the event will take place rain or shine. Maybe even provide information on where people can check on this.


A picture is worth a thousand words, pick one that will leave a lasting impression. For example, it can be funny, fun, colorful, or funky.

Word Count/ Body

Try to write a great description of your event in 300-500 words. A great description will include all of the fun details of what will be happening during the event and any other details you wish to include. Here are a few suggested items you could include in the body of your text.

  • Age appropriateness
  • Timeline of activities
  • Special guests or entertainment
  • Do the attendees need to bring or wear anything special?
  • Are there fees for anything that may require purchases beyond the cost of entry/ticket?
  • Are animals allowed?
  • Can they bring in outside food or drinks?
  • Are cameras or smartphones allowed?
  • Are there any special rules that need to be followed?
  • Are there documents that need to be filled out or brought to participate? Waivers, drivers license, tickets, or other documentation?
  • Does this event span multiple dates and times? Clarify.


Are you co-hosting the event with another group or organization? Be sure to mention it in the description and use it to cross promote and get the attention of a larger audience.

Ticket Information

Clarify the ticket price if there are multiple ticket types and list the associated costs. When do the tickets go on sale?

In addition to LocalHop’s easy-to-use event making format that helps generate information such as the specific date and time and location, LocalHop offers other features that will help your event get noticed. LocalHop categories help you tag your events to keywords such as educational, pet-friendly, food & drink, or Library. When people search these tags on our website, your event will appear. LocalHop also includes color-coded age groups, which helps to tag your event to age appropriate events such as adult, teen or customizable groups, helping you to connect your event with the right audience. With LocalHop’s dashboard features and your amazing event description, you will be racking in potential event-goers in no time!