Spotlight Events


Select Spotlight Event Snippets under the Snippets dropdown in the left navigation in your LocalHop dashboard.

Begin by selecting the green ADD SNIPPET button in the top right corner.

Name your snippet. Create a display name that will set this snippet apart from the others. Note: If this is a shared snippet, consider naming the snippet after the shared organization.

Select the green SAVE button to move on to the next step.


In most layout options, featured events will appear with an image on the left side of the spotlight events widget. 

Add Featured Events. Filter and select from available events. Note: Only published events will be listed as options.

Select the events you want to appear on the left panel(s) of your Spotlight widget by checking the corresponding boxes. Use the arrow keys to prioritize the order. Note: If more than 3/4 featured events are selected, select the list layout. Featured events have a limit of 3 cards or 4 panels with images.

A few additional items

  • Featured events do not get automatically removed after their scheduled end date. They will need to be changed out by an administrator.
  • If no featured events are selected (and your snippet contains featured event cards) the space will be filled with a default placeholder image until featured events are added.
  • Updating featured events will not require replacing the code snippet, they will update automatically.


Events will display to the right of featured event cards or immediately after featured events in a list layout.  

Add Events. Add the events you would like to have appear in your widget list section (to the right side of a featured event card) or list layout. Select the events you want to appear on by checking the corresponding boxes.

Note: Order selection is not needed for events section, they will be automatically put in order of date and start time in the list.

A few additional items

  • Events (unlike the featured events) will be automatically removed from the list after the event is over and will display only selected upcoming events.
  • Events selected in this section will also exclude any images associated with that event to appear cleanly in the list view.
  • If there are no upcoming events, the right side of the spotlight snippet will appear blank until new events are added to your snippet list.

(Example of a list view/layout that includes all optional setting fields)


Spotlight Event Snippet Settings. Select the items and information you want to display on your featured events widget. Note: All fields require an answer before saving and copying snippet code. Default values are set at no for all display items.

Show Room – Display the room/room name that has been tied to the event.

Show Description – Display the detailed description of the event.

Show Waitlisted Events – Do you still want to display the featured event if registration is full, and attendees can only join the waitlist?

Show Full Events – Do you want to display the featured event if the registration for the event is full (and no waitlist option).

Show Age Groups – Display age groups associated with the featured event(s).

Show Categories – Display categories that administrators have tagged to each featured event.

Show Reservation As Overlay – Display if the event has ticketing or registration tied to it and allow viewers to start registration from a pop-up overlay.

Select Number of Items To Display – How many events will be displayed total in your list views. Limited to 20 events.

Layout – Select a layout for your spotlight events snippet.

Note: Any settings changes will require you to save and copy a new snippet code to your website.

After you finish adding and reviewing your featured events and finalizing all of your snippet code settings, select the green SAVE button.

Copy and paste the finalized Spotlight Event snippet into your website.