Recurring Events and Duplicate Events: What’s the Difference?



Recurring Events and Duplicate Events serve two distinct purposes in the LocalHop events database.  How you set up your events directly impacts how your event will show to your patrons and appear on their calendars.


The duplicate event functionality is used to retain and copy the general information of the event (name, description, image, location, etc.), but does not duplicate the dates and times of the event or the registration information. 

  • If registration is used, each duplicated event will have a separate guest list.
  • To duplicate an event, you must first have saved the original event before the “duplicate” button will appear.


The recurring event functionality is used to create several instances of the same event (also called a series). These instances can span hours, days, or weeks and will have the same guest list for each instance in the event series.

  • If registration is used, each recurring event will retain a single guest, when a guest signs up, they are signing up for all instances in the series.
  • To create a recurring event, keep adding dates and times under the “Date and Time” section on the event details page.