Form Builder


The form builder guide will walk you through the following:

  • Creating a new form
  • Naming your form(s)
  • Form elements
  • Required and optional fields

Begin by selecting the “Form Builder” tab under the “Organization” dropdown in the left side navigation.

Select the orange “+Add New Form” button.

Give your form a name in the “Name Form” box.

Note: You will need to remember what is asked in this form when creating your events. We suggest using the event name as the form title or name your form using the questions asked within it. For example: Age+FavoriteColor+Allergies

Add the form elements that best help to obtain information from your patrons.




Use a text field to express/capture a short answer response (one word or a full sentence)

Use a text area to convey a longer response from attendees (several sentences)


Use a drop-down menu to create a limited selection of responses that your patron can choose from.


Use a checkbox for legal agreements or terms of service/use acknowledgment for your events. Upload a document for the registrant to read, and they must check the box to agree

to terms before they are able to complete the registration process. The uploaded document will also be emailed to the patron in their event signup notification email


Use the ILS form to validate library/membership card numbers and pins before a patron is able to register for an event


The “Field Label” selection is where you will add the question that is being asked. If this field requires an answer to complete registration, be sure to select the “Required?” box after typing in your question.

In the drop-down form element, place drop down answer options in the “Option Name” field. The “Value (Optional)” field can be used to send a value associated with the corresponding “Option Name” answers to your server. Add and delete answers by selecting the addition and subtraction circles to the right of each field.

Be sure to select the green “SAVE” button to save your form.