Halloween is Coming

Are you wanting to give your readers a scream this October? Get ready, because we have compiled a list of some of the best, bone-chilling tales that you absolutely need on your shelves this Halloween season. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or are wanting something new, this ghoulish list has something for everyone. Categorized by age, check out these hauntingly-good titles and their content synopsis, courtesy of Goodreads.

Children's Books (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade)

Monster Trouble jacket cover

Monster Trouble by Lane Fredrickson and Illustrated by Michael Robertson

Poor Winifred. Every night her room is invaded by monsters and she just can’t seem to get rid of them. She tries everything in her how-to-get-rid-of-monsters book, but they keep coming back. Finally, desperate from sleepiness, Winifred kisses the nearest monster. It does the trick! You and your kiddos will crack up at the efforts of this brave, innovative little girl.

Bone Soup jacket cover

Bone Soup by Cambria Evans

Finnigin is never seen without his eating stool, his eating spoon, and his gigantic eating mouth—but no one in his new town wants to share any food with him. Armed only with his wits and a special ingredient, will Finnigin be able to stir up a cauldron’s worth of Halloween magic?

Frankenslime jacket cover

Frankenslime by Joy Keller and Illustrated by Ashley Belote

Victoria Franken is a slime scientist with a track record of creating some really cool slimes. However, this time she has outdone herself. To her surprise, her newest creation comes to life! Enjoy the twists and turns of this reimagined classic, as well as some slime recipes and other science tips.

The Jumbies jacket cover

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

In a tale inspired by Caribbean folklore, we meet Corinne La Mer. Corinne doesn’t believe in the ghost stories adults tell kids on her island, until she meets the jumbies herself. When her home is suddenly in danger of being overrun by jumbies, it’s up to Corinne to find her magic and save the day. This is the first in a series.

The Graveyard Book jacket cover

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Illustrated by Chris Riddell

From acclaimed author Neil Gaiman comes this spooky tale of a boy raised by ghosts in a graveyard. Nobody Owens has a strange life, but it’d be less strange if it wasn’t so full of adventures and danger. Being raised by ghosts isn’t bad, but living near the gateway to a city of ghouls is. Even worse, the killer who took away Nobody’s family will be waiting for him if he ever leaves the graveyard. This one is perfect for older kids who can handle a bit of real scariness.

Teen/YA Reads

The Woods Are Always Watching jacket cover

The Woods Are Always Watching by Stephanie Perkins

Bears aren’t the only predators in these woods.

Best friends Neena and Josie spent high school as outsiders, but at least they had each other. Now, with college and a two-thousand-mile separation looming on the horizon, they have one last chance to be together—a three-day hike deep into the woods of the Pisgah National Forest.

Simmering tensions lead to a detour off the trail and straight into a waking nightmare; and then into something far worse. Something that will test them in horrifying ways.

Stalking Jack the Ripper jacket cover

Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord’s daughter, with a life of wealth and privilege stretched out before her. But between the social teas and silk dress fittings, she leads a forbidden secret life.

Against her stern father’s wishes and society’s expectations, Audrey often slips away to her uncle’s laboratory to study the gruesome practice of forensic medicine. When her work on a string of savagely killed corpses drags Audrey into the investigation of a serial murderer, her search for answers brings her close to her own sheltered world.

The Hollow Girl jacket cover

The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan

Bethan is the apprentice to a green healer named Drina in a clan of Welsh Romanies. Her life is happy and ordered, except for one thing: Silas, the son of the chieftain.

One night, Silas and his friends brutally assault Bethan and a half-Roma friend, Martyn. As empty and hopeless as she feels from the attack, she asks Drina to bring Martyn back from death’s door. Bethan must collect grisly pieces to fuel the spell: an ear, some hair, an eye, a nose, and fingers.

She gives the boys who assaulted her a chance to come forward and apologize. And when they don’t, she knows exactly where to collect her ingredients to save Martyn.

The Raven Boys jacket cover

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue herself never sees them—not until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her.

His name is Gansey, and Blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school. Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys. Known as Raven Boys, they can only mean trouble.

For as long as she can remember, Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love to die. She never thought this would be a problem. But now, as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

Jackaby jacket cover

Jackaby by William Ritter

Newly arrived in New Fiddleham, New England, 1892, and in need of a job, Abigail Rook meets R. F. Jackaby, an investigator of the unexplained with a keen eye for the extraordinary–including the ability to see supernatural beings. Abigail has a gift for noticing ordinary but important details, which makes her perfect for the position of Jackaby’s assistant. On her first day, Abigail finds herself in the midst of a thrilling case: A serial killer is on the loose. The police are convinced it’s an ordinary villain, but Jackaby is certain it’s a nonhuman creature, whose existence the police–with the exception of a handsome young detective named Charlie Cane–deny.

Adult Horror

The Haunting of Hill House jacket cover

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

It is the story of four seekers who arrive at a notoriously unfriendly pile called Hill House: Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of a “haunting”; Theodora, the lighthearted assistant; Eleanor, a friendless, fragile young woman well acquainted with poltergeists; and Luke, the future heir of Hill House. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But Hill House is gathering its powers—and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow jacket cover

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Ichabod Crane, a schoolteacher, came to Tarry Town in the glen of Sleepy Hollow to ply his trade in educating young minds. He was a gullible and excitable fellow, often so terrified by locals’ stories of ghosts that he would hurry through the woods on his way home, singing to keep from hysterics. Until late one night, he finds that maybe they’re not just stories. What is that dark, menacing figure riding behind him on a horse? And what does it have in its hands? And why wasn’t schoolteacher Crane ever seen in Sleepy Hollow again?

'Salem's Lot jacket cover

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Thousands of miles away from the small township of ‘Salem’s Lot, two terrified people, a man and a boy, still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree-lined streets. They must return to ‘Salem’s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town.

White is For Witching jacket cover

White Is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

In a vast, mysterious house on the cliffs near Dover, the Silver family is reeling from the hole punched into its heart. Lily is gone and her twins, Miranda and Eliot, and her husband, the gentle Luc, mourn her absence with unspoken intensity. All is not well with the house, either, which creaks and grumbles and malignly confuses visitors in its mazy rooms, forcing winter apples in the garden when the branches should be bare. Generations of women inhabit its walls. And Miranda, with her new appetite for chalk and her keen sense for spirits, is more attuned to them than she is to her brother and father. She is leaving them slowly—slipping away from them— and when one dark night she vanishes entirely, the survivors are left to tell her story.

This is a spine-tingling tale that has Gothic roots but an utterly modern sensibility. Told by a quartet of crystalline voices, it is electrifying in its expression of myth and memory, loss and magic, fear and love.

Nothing But Blackened Teeth jacket cover

Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw

A Heian-era mansion stands abandoned, its foundations resting on the bones of a bride and its walls packed with the remains of the girls sacrificed to keep her company.

It’s the perfect wedding venue for a group of thrill-seeking friends.

But a night of food, drinks, and games quickly spirals into a nightmare. For lurking in the shadows is the ghost bride with a black smile and a hungry heart.

And she gets lonely down there in the dirt.