7 Great Fundraising Ideas for When You Are Short on Time

Posted: October 8, 2020


7 Fundraising Ideas for When You are Short on Time


Fundraising for non-profits, clubs, or other private organizations can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when you need the funds but do not have the time or the manpower to plan an event. Here are seven great fundraising events that you can put together in just a few short weeks.

Game Night / Tournament

This is a cheap way to bring people together for a night of laughter and fun. You could have multiple games set up for guests to play or only one game but have it be played tournament style. You could have participants pay an entry fee and the winner takes home a special prize. There could also be less expensive spectator tickets that will allow others to come and enjoy the festivities without taking part in playing.

Dance Contest

Market this to the best dancers you know….or the goofiest ones! It’s a fun event for everyone, participants can pay to enter, or for a little more fun, people can sponsor their friends. Set a target sponsorship price and families and groups of friends will come together to meet the goal to see their friends get silly in front of a crowd.


Pick a favorite food or a unique combination and let people enter their best recipes. Raise money by charging per entry or auctioning off the best recipe!

Eating Contest

Hotdogs, pies, tacos….you name it, people will eat it! Have everyone donate an entry fee and see you can stuff their face with the most food.

Reverse Raffle

This is a unique spin on your regular 50/50 raffle drawings.  Tickets are sold and half the pot goes to the winner.  But the twist, the last ticket drawn is the winner.  Let everyone gather around and let the suspense rise and the last few tickets remain.

Bingo Night

Bingo chips and cards are very inexpensive and can be rotated through a crowd of people. People pay a fee to start the game and the first bingo winner takes half the pot! You can play a ton of different bingo games in a short amount of time and charge different prices for different rounds

Fashion Shows

Depending on the crowd and what the fundraiser is for, this is something that can be thrown together in just a few week’s time.  High schools do it all the time, asking senior students and their parents to be the volunteer runway models.  Girls come in their prom dresses, boys wear their tuxedos.  Sell tickets to cover costs and raise money.

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