What is a Hopspot?


This is one of our most common questions. Think of a “Hopspot” as an area of interest, for which you want to see interesting local events. You can then add communities or cities to the Hopspot.

For example, I live in Birmingham but am interested in what is going on nearby. I could create a “Home”, then add Birmingham and the neighboring communities of Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, and Troy. Once I save, I will see events taking place in these cities all within the same single page view for “Home.”

We encourage you to create multiple Hopspots based on the areas you are interested in. For example, I have configured my setup for Home (based on the above example), Rochester (including Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Twp.), and Detroit. I can swipe between each (like you do with the weather locations on your phone) and view events specifically located in cities within those Hopspots.