Questions You Should Be Asking Your Event Attendees in Your Custom Forms

Posted: October 8, 2020


Questions You Should Be Asking Your Event Attendees in Your Custom Forms


Custom forms and questionnaires are often standard with most online ticketing services. What’s surprising is how few hosts take advantage of these tools. Collecting data from your attendees before the event will give you not only a wealth of information in the early planning stage but also data for future events you host. Here are a few questions we think you should be asking in your forms that will help you plan a great event while also collecting valuable data for future event marketing and sales efforts.

  • How did you hear about this event?
    This is a great question to ask for future events. What marketing venues, tools, or services attracted more people to sign up for your event? Now you know the best way to spend your money and efforts on next time around to get higher attendance.
  • Do you or your guests have any allergies, dietary restrictions, or other special needs?
    This one should be asked for EVERY, SINGLE event you host! Preparing for and accommodating all of your guests and their special needs make the event a better experience for everyone and less stressful for you and your team.
  • Have you attended one of our events before?
    This is a great question to find out how many people frequently attend your events and how many new attendees you are attracting through your marketing efforts. Use this information to market future events that may interest previous attendees that may have attended a similar event.
  • Would you like to be added to our mailing list?
    Never miss an opportunity to add people to your mailing list(s) or to reach out with additional information about the services you offer or other great events that you host. While you may collect their contact information during the signup process, remember that it is always a great idea to focus your marketing efforts on those who express interest and give their consent to being reached out to again.
  • Agree to form/waiver attachment
    Do you need to collect waivers, legal forms, or other documents for guests to attend or participate in your event or activity? Why not do this during the signup process to avoid the headache and stress of collecting them on the day of the event? Guests will be required to acknowledge the form and agree to the terms before they are allowed to finish registering and will also be mailed a copy of the forms that they have read and agreed to. Easy, right?
  • Would you be willing to give us feedback about the event?
    This is another time-saving question on your part. If your organization usually reaches out after events to get feedback or survey responses, wouldn’t it be nice to know which attendees already agreed to help you out by answering some questions and avoiding sending the request to people who have already expressed that they would not like to give feedback? Avoid unintentional spamming by getting permission ahead of time, your guests will be grateful.
  • Age/Location
    Will you be serving alcohol? Are there residency restrictions? Some organizations are limited in only allowing taxpayers that contribute to these events’ admittance. To prevent the unfortunate slip of accidentally allowing someone to sign up for an event that they may not be allowed to attend, you may be able to prevent this by not only asking these types of questions up front but including the reason for asking within the framework of your question.

By asking these questions during the event registration process you can eliminate many unknown roadblocks you might encounter on event day and avoid any unnecessary stress on you or your team. Use your form questions to get answers that help create a better experience for your guests and provide you with all the info needed to throw a great event. Worried you might get back nothing but blank forms? No problem! Make any or all of these questions a required field to ensure that your guests are viewing and responding to each question you ask or that provides the most valuable data to you and your organization.