Meet The Author: Brenda Montgo-mery

June 1, 2019, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Pontiac Public Library

Adult, Arts & Culture, Family Friendly, Free

Come to our library to meet author Brenda Montgomery presenting her book: "Birthed in the Wilderness". You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book. Author's Bio: "I grew up in the East end of Little Rock Arkansas, and went to school in all black neighborhoods, where I had lots of challenges in life. I struggled with my identity as a child. I knew part of me, but the other part was confusing. I knew I was different, I did not fit in. I had lots of dreams of being a business minded person, but I never knew how I would succeed in doing it. I ended up being a drug addict for 30 something odd years. I was 18 when I tried using, and I never quite got it all together until I met Jesus and my life changed drastically. I was healed and delivered from drugs in 2008. Drug rehab could not do it, but God did something in me that I will never forget. He blew a breath of wind on me and my whole thought process changed. I fought a lot of battles attempting to walk out a lifestyle that I never intended on having, but I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything in this world. I am now free to be who I am called to be, and free to live the life I had in mind from the start." Book Description: This book is for those who are pregnant with something. This is for those who are seeking out a promise from God. When you perceive life as God does, it takes you on a journey to fulfill a calling that you might not have signed up for, but was designed just for you. You are walking out a pattern that was tailor-made for a life that no one else can give you except God. The journey is not for the swift but for the one who endures. It deals with being in toxic relationships to unprofitable seed. Transforming your whole being is the goal of this book. You must maintain a zealous spirit for the things of God! We, as Christians, understand that we have this stimulus itch to push us through tormented situations. Suffering is real and, to walk this journey, you might even get wounded along the way. But Jesus is right there to fix what is broken! The wounds come from having toxic people in your path. Learning how to get out of relationships that keep you bound will get you moving. God intended for us to have beautiful relationships when he decided to place Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to tend to it. His intentions were to preserve them for a later use. God trusted them just like he is trusting you and me to nurture the seed that he planted in the garden. Part of your garden is devoted to physical and spiritual growth for the development of the seed. If the seed is not planted on the foundation that God is actively building on, there will be no results of an expected end.
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