How Do I Set up Polaris Validation for My Event?


Once Polaris integration has been activated for your library, create a custom form to collect and validate the library card/membership numbers and pins of patrons signing up for your event. The system will validate the numbers before your patrons will be allowed to continue the registration process. PIN numbers will not appear anywhere to your organization’s administrators, library card/membership numbers will appear on the form information on the guest list and in the downloadable guest list excel file.

Creating a Polaris Form

  1. Under the Organization tab in the left navigation panel, select “Form Builder” and then “Add New Form
  2. Provide a Form Name in the field, and then choose Polaris
  3. Provide a Field Label for the ID validation. Our suggestion would be to use “Library Card Number” or “Membership ID”
  4. Check the box for “Required” and then selectSave Field.” Feel free to add any additional fields that you would like to include in the form.
  5. Once completed with the fields you would like to use, select the green “Save” button. Your form is now available for use across all of your organizations LocalHop events.

Note: A PIN number field is automatically added to your form. PIN numbers are required for Polaris validation to function correctly.