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D-SKO Fitness is a company based in Canton, Michigan. D-SKO is where an underground concert meets group fitness class. It's a hybrid dance workout with hip-hop, kickboxing and boot camp. It's taught in a darkened room with club lighting, DJ mixed music and high energy MC's that take it to the next level. We offer numerous classes around metro Detroit, participated in free events for Healthy Moves Opportunity Detroit, DWMHA Suicide Prevention Awareness at Ford Field, Fun Fest Wayne County Department of Health and featured in BCBSM A Healthier Michigan. By using the right music, the right moves and the right atmosphere D-SKO strives to be a catalyst for bringing families together to have fun, be active and get healthy together. We've invented a fresh, entertaining and inspiring group fitness trend that’s starting to go national. Our mission is to encourage everyone to Do Some Kind Of Fitness!


Canton, MI 48187

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