Coaching for Breakthrough Performance

March 19, 2019, 9:15am - 4:00pm

Kalamazoo Public Library

21 & over

Taught by an experienced, credentialed executive coach and former Fortune 100 executive, managers at any level discover and learn state of the art coaching techniques to help motivate employees, promote workplace creativity, and escalate teamwork. Coaching is a tool that can be used to sustain and increase dormant talent by fostering two-way communication, empowering others to take responsibility, and increasing the 'promote-ability' of good performing and high potential employees (note: this workshop is not meant to help you manage poor performers).� This experiential workshop supplies leaders with a full day program that provides:� - the foundations for understanding what coaching is, when it is appropriate to use it, and the mindset, process, and skills required to coach successfully.� - a process model called listen, inquire, focus, and engage (L.I.F.E.) that makes it effective to remember the steps in a coaching conversation. - confidence in using the skill set by learning, practicing, and receivinng feedback on individual coaching skills in the classroom in small groups. - development of an action plan and support structures for improving skills following the workshop experience.� Mary Jo Asmus is an experienced executive coach, organizational and leadership development specialist, writer and speaker who works with leaders to develop strong, healthy working relationships with their stakeholders to make a positive difference for their organizations and communities. Her clients are senior executives in small nonprofits, government, and Fortune 100 organizations. She has taught hundreds of executives in a variety of organizations to use the Coaching for Breakthrough Performance model and skillsets to assist their organization in achieving or exceeding human potential.� Registration is required.�