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Six Reasons Why You Should WANT to Let Your Patrons Book Their Rooms

February 5, 2020 — Organization Management, Room Reservation

It is surprising how many libraries tell us that they do not need or allow public-facing room reservations. For one reason or another, room bookings stay internal or in some cases, are not reserved ahead of time at all (first come, first served). This means that their patrons are then forced to call or come … Read More

It’s Here! Room Reservation Added to LocalHop Event Software Tools

October 22, 2018 — Event Management, LocalHop Adminstrators, Organization Management, Room Reservation

Why room reservation? In event planning and promotion, it all starts with the space. It’s essential to manage these spaces efficiently, because for many groups, rentable space means more revenue. LocalHop’s new software allows groups the ability to manage all of their internal and external spaces, equipment, room rental, and payment processing. LocalHop designed room … Read More