Library Event Management Software: Knowing Your Options

January 14, 2019 — Event Management, Organization Management

Libraries and their staff have the difficult job of keeping up with the continuous changes in software technology while figuring out ways to keep their community and members engaged in the ecosystem. It’s a daunting undertaking when the right tools aren’t at their disposal. There are event management software companies that provide resources that aim to meet needs behind the scenes so that library staff can be present to fulfill the needs of their communities.

But what’s the right tool for the job? What resources are out there that fill the voids and allow for the interaction that makes our local libraries the place where basic levels of engagement can provide a world of access and opportunity?

First, we need to assess the basic needs. In order to engage your community at large, libraries have to reach people where they are. Libraries have become a place that offers an opportunity to use all of its assets and that includes an ability to attend events and reserve private rooms.

The challenge is finding software that effectively markets, engages, and informs in a way that is conducive to the end users. Let’s review what those options are and how they can serve your needs.

Evant Management Software Companies

With so many similarities, what are the deciding factors that should be considered when purchasing event management software?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Customer Service
    In a time where businesses have plenty of competition, customer experience has become extremely important to which businesses we choose to frequent and those we don’t. Individually, we remember quality customer service experiences and tend to be loyal to companies that serve us well. Why should a tool that your entire staff has to frequently use be any different?

  2. Price
    In a competitive market where all things seem equal, the price is a great differentiator. An ability to provide a quality product with the services to match should be expected. Doing this at a reasonable price point could be THE deciding factor when making a decision that will likely be a lasting facet for your library.

  3. User Experience
    One of the reasons Facebook beat out Myspace in the race for social media dominance in the early part of the 2000s was Facebook’s ability to make its site simple to use and navigate. Even today, most people look to deal with apps and websites that have little complexities and an ability to have their questions answered quickly (part in thanks to media sites like YouTube). Be it directly contacting a company about issues or having access to information for resolutions, the user experience will always be an important factor in your decision.

  4. Peer Reviews
    Friends and family are the number one influence on our decision-making process. We have come to expect companies to put their best foot forward in shining a positive light on their products and services. In this case, using online reviews on experiences or contacting friends at other libraries to ask about their experiences may be one of your best options when making your decision.

As you decide which event management software best fulfills your library needs, consider the previously mentioned factors as standards for the best experience for your staff and patrons alike.

About LocalHop: LocalHop is an event management platform that provides event marketing, web calendars, community calendars, reservation & ticketing, and room reservation to organizations and small businesses. LocalHop launched in October 2015 and has offices in Pontiac and Kalamazoo, Michigan.