Adult Financial Series: Investment Plans for Life

March 26, 2018, 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Pontiac Public Library

Classes, Educational, Free

Jonathan H. Strong, Financial Advisor and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at UBS Financial Services, Inc., will present an investment educational seminar as a public service to local organizations including libraries, adult community programs, senior services centers, and school groups. Discussion Topics: 1. Basics of Investing – How to Develop a Successful Long-Term Investment Program: How to develop a diversified investment program using a consistent approach. How to start a life-long investment program with as little as $100 per month. - Key investment programs discussed; IRA, Roth IRA, 401k Plan, 529 College Savings Plan, tax free investing, annuities, mutual funds, and stocks. - The discussion will include current investment sector opportunities as well as economic and market update. - Portfolio examples discussed with a question and answer period. 2. Income Investing in Tax Free Municipal Bonds –How to Create Tax-Free Income Over Your Lifetime: How to earn tax free income using Michigan Tax Free Municipal Bonds and conservative income strategies. - Benefits of tax free investing for short or long term needs and for monthly income. - How to earn a higher level of tax free interest on cash now at your local bank. - Different types of conservative tax free investment strategies in an uncertain economy and stock market. - Bond examples include; Oakland University, Beaumont Hospital, Novi Public Schools, and others. - Portfolio examples provided with a question and answer period. 3. College Savings Plans – Start a Program for Your Children or Grandchildren: Overview of college savings plans and programs to consider for your family member. How to begin a Michigan 529 college savings plan and receive a Michigan tax deduction for contributions. - Start a systematic monthly savings program to build funds to use for college costs, with tax free withdrawals for educational use. - Program examples provided with a question and answer period.
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