"A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone" with Bo Kyung Kim

May 16, 2020, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Pontiac Public Library

Adult, Arts & Culture, Educational, Family Friendly, Free

Saturday, 01/25 (cancelled due to injury), 05/16, 3:30-5pm, Auditorium: Come see the poet and dancer Bo Kyung Kim presenting her poetry book, "A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone", reading excerpts, and performing her peace dance. You will be able to purchase a signed copy of her book. Bo Kyung Kim Bio: Bo Kyung Kim is a poet, dancer, and former music teacher. Her original name is Soon Sil Kim. She was born in Jeju, South Korea, graduated from the Jeju National University’s music department, and taught music at a junior high school. She taught a Korean traditional women’s group dance, called Gahng Gahng Suwollae, to people trying to prevent divorce, multi-racial harmony, and unification, in Michigan, Ohio, and California. She performed many solo dances dedicated to war victims, such as for The U.S. Civil War victims. She composed many peace songs. She graduated from the West Los Angeles College, and Cal State Los Angeles majoring Political Science, published five poetry books, including one English poetry book titled, “A Multicultural Song That I Sing Alone”, an essay book, and the “Gahng Gahng Suwollae” dance. She created 6 short stage art works, her own genre “Poetrysongdance.” She is currently a member of IWOSC, and the Korean American poet association. A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone Book description: U.S.is a Multiculturalist country. When the country was settling in early history, it built its own culture, from a mix of European cultures such as England, France, Netherland, Spain, Germany, and absorbed Native American and African culture. Later, Asian immigrants were added, the American culture became more colorful, and diversity was formed. Democracy was developed after the Second World War and the U.S. became a prosperous country. Multiculturalism bloomed in the country. However, in order to keep our freedom and human rights, we needed to possess guns. This book describes the brilliant beauty and also the dark side of the background of multiculturalism. It is a song that is brewing new cultures and the adjusting main culture sang by an immigrant from South Korea. U.S. multiculturalism is a melting pot in which all kinds of cultures gathered to make a new culture like a salad is using many materials. Also there are some love songs, the yearning of and patriotic songs about the author’s motherland, South Korea. The author’s loving environmental songs also express her upset about destroying mountains and rivers. This coincides with the author’s own thought, that “one body thought”, that human and natural environment such as mountains and rivers are one. Such environment is part of a human body. This means that the author loves the natural environment like her body. And author insist one body thought could solve the problem. Peace songs are also included. The author is a pure peace dancer, especially doing peace dance dedicated for the war victims such as the U.S. Independence War, the Civil War, and the Korean War Also while the author is writing peace poems and performs dance and music, creates the spirit of America or the world spirit though her works. For example, as we see in her poetry, she compares herself to her poem “white migratory bird.” She is a pure peace artist, differing from other poets who express individual stories. Also, poems about gun violence are included and the author suggests a solution that is her opinion, through these poems. Consequently, “A Multicultural Song that I Sing Alone ” is not only about multiculturalism in the U.S., but is also adding the author’s individual, natural environment, and peace songs, about pursuing peace and security for the society, the nation, and the environment. Everybody, young and old, should read this book and consider our society’s problems.
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