Registration & Ticketing

Let your registration system manage your guest list, waitlist, notifications, and payments so you can focus on throwing a great event.

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Automate your sign up process and
payments with registration & ticketing

Designed and built with the help of organizations and businesses just like yours. LocalHop registration is easy-to-use, intuitive, affordable, stable, and most importantly, secure for your patrons. Set up your event registration in minutes, post it for your patrons as well as new users to discover and your job is done!

Updated Interface

Modern, updated design and interface for users and staff.

Secure Processing

Fast and secure credit card processing for your patrons.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms and questionnaires for attendees.

Ticket Types

Create multiple ticket types and prices for your tickets.


Credit card processing

Integrated software management

Sign-up notifications for administrators

Admin waitlist and guest list editing capabilities

Create multiple ticket types

Set ticketing availability dates

Create custom forms and questions for guests

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*Free events are always free, ticketing fees apply for all paid tickets 2% + .79¢ / per paid ticket. Credit card fees are 3.4% + .30¢ / per transaction.

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Polaris Validation for Libraries

Get the most out of our software with integrated validation. Confirm library numbers and pins before patrons are able to register for your library’s events. Save more time without all the hassle.

Add validation to customized forms

Require pin and library card number

Authorize validation before patron completes sign-up

View library card numbers on downloaded guest list

Registration & Ticketing Pricing

Free Ticketing


per month

Credit card processing

Modern and updated interface

Create custom forms and questions for guest

Create multiple ticket types

Waitlist support and notifications

Paid Ticketing

2% + .79¢

per paid ticket*

All of the same great features included within our free plan. *Events that are setup for paid ticketing will be charged the transaction fee shown above.